My First Blog- The Twilight Movie and other such wacky things

The Twilight Movie

The twilight movie is the bomb. You really have no idea how excited I am for this.

My thoughts on the cast:

The Cullens (And Bella, Duh)

Edward Cullen-Robert Pattinson- Words really can’t describe my love for Rob. He is fantastic. I think he is gorgeous and an extremely talented actor. Sadly, the most we lame Americans have seen him in is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which results in many Bella/Edward youtube videos of Cedric in a freakin Hufflepuff robe. But seriously, my heart stops when i watch GoF and we first see Cedric jump out of that lucky tree. -pant- Basically, Rob is my idol. He is the perfect Edward, in my opinion. I flipped out when I heard he got cast. It makes me so frikin sad that he’s always saying he thinks the fans hate him!!! And that he gets bags of fanmail. Bags? Bags???? WTF??? I would send Rob crazy stalker-ish bags of LOVE mail. And he’d get really scared and get a restraining order against me. Which I might actually be proud of… Ok, time to stop talking about Rob.

Bella Swan- Kristen Stewart- Kristen was not my first choice for Bella. I never really like Kristen, but I never hated her. She wasn’t in much that I watched, so I never really thought about her. I was actually a big Emily Browning supporter. And I had never even seen her in anything!!! Some youtube videos with her convinced me that I liked her for Bella. So I was pretty disappointed when Kristen got cast. My reaction: “Oh. Hmmm… well… ok.” But then!! Then I re-watched Speak. I watched The Panic Room. I watched The Messengers. I (recently) watched Zathura (i could go off on another whole page about my newfound love for Zathura, but i wont). So now I am sure Kristen will do a fantastic job. I especially love all the vids that people are taking at the set. Youtube it, there are, like, thousands? Possibly? Something like that. The most recent being, well i’ll get into that later. Right, so I am convinced that Kristen will be a fantastic Bella. OMG. Kristen’s 18th birthday is today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exciting!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right, enough about Kristen.

Alice Cullen- Ashley Greene- I wasn’t sure who i wanted as Alice. I couldn’t find anyone that fit my description. Eventually, someone on twilighters said they like Ellen Page and I agreed!!! So i was rooting for Ellen while secretly knowing that she wasn’t going to get the part. I just could never find an actress that looked like Alice to me!!! It was really difficult!!! So then Ashley got cast. My reaction: “Oh. Well… hmm…. ok. I’m sure it’ll work out.” I heard lots of “What? She doesn’t look like Alice at all!!!” and I held my tongue, keeping my non-existent opinion to myself. Cuz thats just it, I didn’t have an opinion. I waited patiently for the promo pictures. Then those came out. My reaction: “Okay… hmm…. Her hair isn’t that short.” Of course, now we know that Ashley and Jackson were wearing wigs for that shoot. So now my opinion on Ashley is: I like her. I think she’s going to do great, and now her hair is short enough haha. Plus Ashley answered questions on her myspace, which was very sweet of her. So, that’s my Ashley thoughts.

Jasper Hale- Jackson Rathbone- My original Jasper choice was Ben Barnes, whom you would know from the very beginning of Stardust, and will soon know as Prince Caspian from Prince Caspian. It took me forever to come up with him. I am not good with picking choices. I’m obviously not a casting director. But I really love Ben. Of course, I knew there was no way he was going to get cast, what with that itty bitty The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian movie. So I had no clue who they were going to pick for Jasper. Finally, we get the news that Jackson Rathbone got cast. My reaction: “Jackson. Rathbone. …I totally know that name….” But, of course, I’m at musical practice when i get this news on my phone, sent via twitter text from that cool chick Chella. I immediately exploit her at home-ness and have her look him up. Turns out, he was in Beautiful People!!!!!!! I freaking loved Beautiful People and he was totally my favorite character!!!! So that pretty much sums of Jackson. I adore him as a human, an actor, a vampire… a friend! See, I’m going into stalker mode. The only problem with him at the moment is his enormous puffy hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on!!!!!!!!!! I am very much hoping that this will look a crapload better once he hits the big screen. Please, hair dressers!!!! I’M BEGGING YOU!!!!

Carlisle Cullen- Peter Facinelli- My Carlisle choice was William Moseley, because I live in this fantasy world where I think actors should be the same age as the characters they play. Will is 23, Carlisle is 23!! Sounds perfect, no? As you can see, I also picked two of my cast from the damn Chronicles of Narnia. Damn good movie(s), I must say. I even made this list for my friend, comparing Carlisle’s facts from the lexicon to Will’s facts from IMDB. This is probably the my casting that I was most rooting for. I really wanted Will, he is fantastic!!!! But, again, that whole thing about Prince Caspian coming out. 😦 So I clung to my child-like fantasy of Will as Carlisle until Peter was cast. My reaction: “Hm… ok. He’s hott!!!” So now I’m pretty much digging Peter as Carlisle. I think he looks great in, like, every photo… ever? But, sadly, I haven’t seen Peter in freaking anything!!!! Recommendations, please???

Esme Cullen- Elizabeth Reaser- Oh Esme. I really wanted Alexis Bledel for Esme. Esme and Alexis were also about the same age. Again with that fantasy world of mine. I thought Alexis was the perfect Esme though. I reallllly wanted her, and she’s not even doing anything right now!!!! What has she been doing since Gilmore Girls?? That is my question for you, reader(s). That is the question!! But I wasn’t all that attached to my choice. I quickly forgot about my want of Alexis, remembering only when questioned on who I wanted for Esme. So then, duh, Elizabeth got cast. My Reaction: “Huh? Who is this? Ok…. Whatever.” I was confused!!! I had never heard of this Elizabeth, or Beth, as I shall now call her because otherwise I’ll end up spelling her name wrong (Sorry!). So I looked her up. Nope, never seen her in anything!! And then the promo pics came out. I still didn’t really have an opinion. To be honest, I really didn’t care that much. I kinda still don’t. Esme isn’t that big a role, and I have confidence in Beth. Your thoughts, Reader(s)?

Rosalie Hale- Nikki Reed- I never had a Rose choice. I could find no one that I thought looked like Rose. No. One. I had no clue!!! Did you, Reader(s), have a choice? Preferably an actress, not a model, as I have seen over on those IMDB boards. So I waited for Rose to be announced. And then she was!! Yay!!!! My Reaction: “Hm… who is that? Nope, no clue. But okay.” I didn’t really mind. Her IMDB pics looked promising, even though she’s a brunette. Then the promo pics came out. My Rosalie Reaction: “Come on! She’s got a wig!! That’s hardly worth it!!” I was pissed at her wig and I didn’t think she looked drop dead gorgeous like Rose should. But now!!! With our new well of information we twilighters have at our fingertips, we have pictures of Nikki with actual blonde hair!! And I gotta tell ya, I’m liking it!!! And there’s this new video of Kellan and Nikki talking to MTV and, while I was distracted by Kellan’s amazing hillarity, I thought Nikki was pretty awesome too. So I’m happy that Nikki is cast, and I really need to watch Thirteen.

Emmett Cullen- Kellan Lutz- This segment will be nothing but positive. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Emmett. My pretty much favorite part of Eclipse is “Fall down again, Bella?” “No, Emmett, I punched a werewolf in the face.” I just found that hysterical. Emmett really just kicks ass. He’s lovable and funny and pretty freaking awesome. So, I did not cast Emmett in my mind. I just didn’t. I couldn’t find anyone, so I let it be. And then Kellan gets revealed and I am happy man. I am really happy. Kellan is so damn adorable. I saw him in Stick It, which was awesome, so I was a happy lamb, if you will. And that same video from ^ up there, made me really happy!!! Kellan is just adorable and he’s got his arm around Nikki the whole vid. So damn adorable. That’s all I gotta say.
The Villians

See, the thing is, I dont care too much about the villians. So they each get about a sentence, not a whole paragraph like the amazing Cullens.

Victoria- Rachelle Lefevre- I like Rachelle. She looks Victoria-ish to me, but seriously, I would have been fine with whoever they cast for Victoria. I haven’t seen Rachelle in anything, but I’m sure she’ll be great. We’ll see how she does if (when) we get to Eclipse.

James- Cam Gigandet- Cam is pretty awesome. I love the shot of him on Stephenie’s site and the pic from Entertainment Weekly with him and Rob (it’s on my wall!! heehee). I have total faith in him. Go Cam!!!

Laurent- Edi Gathegi- My first though, why isn’t listen on the imdb Twilight page?? That’s odd…. Um… I don’t have much to say on Edi. He’s good, great even. I honestly don’t have enough of an imagination to say something like “Ugh, that’s not how I pictured Laurent!!!” So there ya go.

Other Cast Members

There are sooo many other cast members, so they each don’t get much. Except Jake and Mike, because of my undying love for Jake Black and Michael Welch.

Jacob Black- Taylor Lautner- Ok, so I had a hard time picking someone for Jake. I wasn’t really sure who would be good, and I had faith in Summit that they were going to pick some good unknown. Seriously, what’s the point in holding open auditions if you’re just going to cast a known actor? But I like Taylor a lot. He was so cute in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Shark Boy and Lava Girl (which I honestly liked, sorry people). I know a lot of people are saying crap like, “Ugh, this kid looks like he’s 12! It’s that stupid Shark Boy!! Ewwwww.” Well, he actually doesn’t look like he’s 12. Shark Boy and Lava Girl and Cheaper by the Dozen were boy a couple years ago. Taylor is sixteen now, which is the age Jake’s supposed to be in Twilight. This is not New Moon, people. Jake is not a werewolf yet, he’s just a normal Sophomore boy. It bugged me at first that Taylor wasn’t Native American, but honestly, his skin is dark enough that I just don’t really care anymore. Have you guys seen the vid of Taylor with the wig on? If not, go here. I really like it. Some people are saying that it looks fake and stupid, but I really really like it!!! I think it’ll come out looking natural and good on screen. So that is my support Taylor rant.
Charlie Swan- Billy Burke- I realllllly wanted Scott Patterson, Luke from Gilmore Girls and the dad in Aliens in America, for Charlie. I thought he would be soooo perfect. But he was filming Aliens in America, of course, so he was kinda out. I like Billy Burke. I saw him in Monk and liked him but I still kinda don’t think he has the Charlie look. He’s a little too good looking. Then I read this interview the Twilight Lexicon got with him a few days ago (seen here) and while some things scared me (“From the moment I finished the script I have felt that Charlie already knows [about the vampires]. How could he not??”), many things made me happy (such as: [on being asked why he auditioned for the role of Charlie] “I tend to gravitate towards characters that carry their damage in their hip pocket. When I read the script, even though I’ve never been married and don’t have kids yet, I felt pretty sure I could invoke the regrets and failures Charlie must feel. I know a little about not being there when I was needed most. The idea that this guy is probably consumed with emptiness but can’t show it attracted me, I guess”). Go read the interview, it’s really good. So, in conclusion, I now have faith in Billy.

Eric and Jessica- Justin Chon and Anna Kendrick- I don’t have much to say on these two, so they get joined together. I haven’t seen Anna in anything, though I intend to see Camp eventually (Definitely my kind of movie). But going by the pictures, I really like her. I’m hoping she’s going to be great. That’s all I gotta say on here. The only thing I’ve seen Justin in is Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, one of the worst disney channel movies ever. But don’t start me on a DCOM (disney channel original movie) rant. And that was before I knew he was cast as Eric, so I don’t remember it much. But honestly, I’ve never had much of an opinion on Eric as a character. I like him, sure, but I don’t care too much about him. So I’m sure Justin is going to be great too. Ill wait and see. December 12th!!!

Angela Weber- Christian Serratos- Haha, I know Christian’s work pretty well. I lovvvve Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, i watch it all the time. So when I found out Christian was cast, I was pretty damn happy. She is great on Ned’s and I know she’ll make a fantastic Angela. Angela is one of my favorite characters (no clue why), so I’m happy that they cast her well. Yay Christian!!

Mike Newton- Michael Welch- So first things first, I’m not a big Mike fan. Sure, you can say, “Aw, he’s sweet, he cares about Bella!”, but I don’t really care. I always thought Mike was kinda annoying and not the best character, but certainly not the worst. Tyler was way more annoying than Mike and Mike was nice. So those are my Mike thoughts. NOW, Michael Welch. -sigh- I adore Michael Welch. When I first heard he was cast as Mike, I said, “Hm, I definitely know that name.” So I looked him up and realized that he played young Jack O’Neill in one of my favorite Stargate SG-1 episodes!!!! Here’s a montage of that episode. So I love him a lot. He was so fantastic in that episode and the director raves about him in the commentary. Go watch the episode people. Well, if you don’t watch the show, you probably wont realize how brilliantly he’s captured O’Neill’s (portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson) personality. Right, so I love Michael Welch a lot. 😀
I think that’s it for the cast! If I forgot anyone, please tell me and I’ll add them!!

Other Random Crap



What’s with these cast members names? Lefevre, Gigandet, Gathegi, Reaser, Facinelli, Serratos, Lautner!!! Must all these people have insane last names!!! I can’t even pronounce the first three!!! I’m a little iffy on Reaser. I might be saying that wrong. But seriously, where do these people come from, with these odd names!! And I know some people can’t pronounce Pattinson or Welch. Seriously, let’s get back to Cullen, Stanley, Swan, Newton. Those are easy!! But, I guess we’ll all just pretend we’re friends with these people and call them by their first names.


Disney Channel Original Movies. You have no idea how much I miss the old classics. Anyone else miss these? I really miss Get a Clue, my favorite DCOM, with the fantastic Lindsey Lohan (hah jk) and Brenda Strong!!! Some of the really good ones are Stuck in the Suburbs (more Brenda Strong), Pixel Perfect (seriously, where has this movie gone??), Full- Court Miracle (Jews, basketball and Alex D Linz!!!), The Even Stevens Movie, and Gotta Kick It Up! (si se puede!!). Now we’ve got crap like Read it and Weep (with that annoying girl and her awesome sister, plus the chick from Drake and Josh), High School Damn Musical, High School Damn Musical 2, Minutemen (which was ok, but the plot made no sense), Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior (see above), Life is Ruff, and Go Figure being only some of the really bad ones. The only more recent ones that I’ve really like are Twitches, Now You See It… (Aly), Cowbelles (Aly and AJ), and The Cheetah Girls 1+2. Twitches Too was pretty not good. Basically DCOMs just suck now. Anyone else feel the same way?
The Writer’s Strike

The writer’s strike sucked. It sucked a lot because we didn’t have that set time to work around. Say, “Oh, new Chuck is on at 8, so I can hang out until 7:45”. Now, it’s like “Oh, yeah, since there’s nothing on tv, I can hang out.” Which some of you might say is a good thing, but I say baaad. And yet, this strike has given me the chance to sleep more, talk to friends more, read more (Twilight?) and basically do many more things. So I thank you for that, writer’s strike. BUT NOW, the strike is over!!!! And the office is on tonight!!! So I am immensely happy. Do you guys share my happyness?

My Blogly Obssessions

I’ve got a lot of obssessions this blog. We’ll start with the oldest.

1. Twilighters.orgThis site is awesome. I’ve been a member since December last year and I love it so much. Everyone respects everyone else’s opinions and we have so much fun. So if you aren’t a member, definitely go and check it out. Join the boards, it’s awesome.

2. NoMoreMarblesThis woman is hilarious. Her YouTube vids are the funniest things ever. I’m amazed at how many videos she has, and they are all endlessly funny. I stayed up until 4 in the morning last night watching her vids. If you haven’t seen them, click on that link right up there ^ and watch them. You won’t be disappointed. Also, she has the Michael Welch Seal of Approval!!! What could be better than that?!?!?! Her Most Recent Video

3. GossipGirlI never liked the GossipGirl books, even though I hadn’t read them. I love The It Girl novels, which are about Jenny Humphrey from the GossipGirl books. But, I recently checked out the GossipGirl prequel because I’d read the first chapter. I loved it. It was really fantastic and interesting. The only bad thing is, I was picturing Blake Lively as Blair and Leighton Meester as Serena. In the show, it’s the other way around!! So that has permanently screwed up my brain. I finished the prequel last night and I started reading the first book today. I’m already two pages in and intend on reading the rest. If you like the show, the It Girl, or just NYC girls having a damn good time, check these books out. OH, and Leighton has the same birthday as Kristen!! How cool is that?

4. Twilight FanFictionThose fiends over at Twilighters got me addicted to this crap. I normally don’t read any fanfiction but Harry Potter, but this one story was just too addicting. It’s called Sacrifices and we all wait with bated breath for updates. I’m warning you, it’s sad, but sooo worth it. There are some other good ones on the site, but I haven’t read many of them yet. I recently started writing some (my page). Everyone should go read and write some. Do it!!!


If you aren’t keeping up with the news on a site like Twilighters, TwilightExtremists, HisGoldenEyes, or the TwilightLexicon, it would take me days to fill you in on the news we get daily. There is so much news that a noob like me just can’t put it all on here. So here is the most recent news:

Kristen Stewart was named #43 on‘s “The 100 Most Beautiful People of 2008.” They said: “The next incarnation of Natalie Portman — Beautiful & Talented. Kristen is moments away from superstardom.”

Borders is holding a Breaking Dawn Release Party!!! Tres exciting!! Find a store near you and party like you’re a vampire (no hangovers, lives forever, that kinda thing) on August 2nd!!

MTV interviewed Stephenie about The Host. Interview Here.

The biggest news, like, ever!! Entertainment Weekly got a behind the scenes video of Twilight. You see the car crash scene and the fight scene!!! Video here and another, similar but different video (no Nikki) here. This is definitely the most exciting thing ever.

The ViewPoint Inn added an awesome Twilight page to their site.

And finally, Kristen turned 18 yesterday!!! Happy Birthday, Kristen!!!!

Well, I think that’s it for this blog. Comment and tell me what you think.

You Know You Love Me (hey, gossip girl is addicting!!),



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3 Responses to “My First Blog- The Twilight Movie and other such wacky things”

  1. Hey Carlisle is 23 not 26 isn’t he? Esme is he 26 year old Carlisle is 23 yeah. Wooo go ROB and KELLAN and PETER

    great blog! Keep it up.


  2. Oh youre right. Well considering that I was doing this at 4 in the morning, it was pretty close.

    thanks silly!!!

  3. well i think my finished blog was too long cuz it wouldnt let me format it like i wanted to. oh well, you guys get it.

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