News Updates

Kellan loves his mom!! See his interview from the red carpet of Prom Night here.

Stephenie updated her Host page. The Host is set to released on May 6!!

-This news is stolen from TWILIGHT’S The Official Edward+Bella Fan Club’s Blogs.

Rants Updates

The Doctor’s Office

Pretty much I find the doctor’s annoying. First you’ve got her saying “Good job” for things out of my control, like my pulse and my knee jerk. Ok… “Thanks, I worked hard perfecting that pulse.” ?? Then she gives me this lecture on wearing a helmet. Yeah, I know that wearing a helmet protects my head. I learned that when I was 4. But thanks. Then another lecture on wearing my seat belt! I get it!!! This is my 16th birthday check up!! I know this crap!! Gahhhh.

Site Updates

There are a lot more pages over there on you right, including a Contact Me (send me emails people!!), Important Sites, and Affiliates. Woot!!

I’ve got a myspace and a facebook group now. Check them out por favor.

Next Blog

Alright, what would you guy(s) like for my next blog? I can do Character Discussions and then Chapter by Chapter Discussions, or I can skip the Character Discussions and go straight to the books. Thoughts?????

That’s all for today. Time to watch Hairspray and then go out for my mom’s birthday!! Ta ta!!



~ by Gretchen on April 11, 2008.

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