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So me and my friend were talking about this I while ago and I just mentioned it to Thirst for Twilight and she thinks I should blog about it. So here it is.

I think I have a thing about disliking (even if its only sometimes) the protagonists of books that I love. Harry Potter? Harry bugs me. Twilight? Bella bugs me sometimes. Uglies? I kinda hate Tally, though I guess, later on, it’s understandable (If you havent read the series, just ignore that comment).

Harry Potter
Harry is so angsty during OOTP. He’s screaming at Ron and Hermione, pissed at Dumbledore, getting his hand cut up, wah wah wah. Poor Harry, his life sucks so much. I just wanted him to get over it!!!  I really pissed me off when he was mad at Ron and Hermione. Don’t get mad at your best friends, Harry!!  And I understand that like, the wizarding world hates him and such, but seriously, you’re tougher than that, Harry!!!  But the thing that made me even madder was when, right before they left Hogwarts for the Ministry of Magic, he was in Umbridge’s office and Snape came in. Direct quote:

Harry knew his last chance of letting the Order know what was going on was walking out of the door.
“He’s got Padfoot!” he shouted. “He’s got Padfoot as the place where it’s hidden!”
Snape had stopped with his hand on Umbridge’s door handle.
“Padfoot?” cried Professor Umbridge, looking eagerly from Harry to Snape. “What is Padfoot? Where what is hidden? What does he mean, Snape?”
Snape looked around at Harry. His face was inscrutable. Harry could not tell whether he had understood or not, but he did not dare speak more plainly in front of Umbridge.
“I have no idea,” said Snape coldly. “Potter, when I want nonsense shouted at me I shall give you a Babbling Beverage. And Crabbe, losen your hold a little, if Longbottom suffocates it will mean a lot of tedious paperwork, and I am afraid I shall have to mention it on your reference if ever you apply for a job.”
He closed the door behind him with a snap, leaving Harry in a state of worse turmoil than before: Snape had been his very last hope.
-U.S Paperback Edition, Pg. 745+746

Now, honestly Harry. What did you expect Snape to say? “Oh, right Harry, I got it. Sirius is in the Department of Mysteries!! I’ll just head right over to Number Twelve Grimauld Place and tell the Order about this!! Don’t worry your pretty, little, black-haired head!” … Seriously. That just bugged me a lot. But I honestly like Ron a lot more than Harry. Poor Ron, he always got shoved to the side. I LOVE YOU RON!!!

Bella Swan
Oh Bella. So when I read the books, I find myself thinking that I might not like Bella very much if she were real. But the thing that annoys me most about her is how… slow? That sounds mean. Well, how slow and unnecessarily worried she is sometimes.

“What are you going to tell her?” Edward murmured.
“Hey, I thought you couldn’t read my mind!” I hissed.
“I can’t,” he said, startled. Then understanding brightened his eyes. “However, I can read hers. She’ll be waiting to ambush you in class.”

Twilight. U.S. Paperback. Pg. 200. Chapter 10, Interrogations.

I always thought that part was really annoying. Isn’t it obvious? I always shake my head when I read that part. I might be exaggerating, but I just find it very slow of Bella.

“Good morning,” he chuckled.
“What’s wrong?” I glanced down to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything important, like shoes, or pants.
“We match.” He laughed again. I realized he had a long, light tan sweater on, with a white collar, showing underneath, and blue jeans. I laughed with him, hiding a secret twinge of regret — why did he have to look like a runway model when I couldn’t?
-Twilight. U.S. Paperback. Pg. 253. Chapter 12, Balancing.

Bella bugs me a lot when she mentions Edward’s looks. She’s always lamenting about how he’s so much better looking than she is, and how could Edward possibly love her! Well, Bella, he’s a mythical creature! I would expect that he would look better than you. Sorry. It also really bugs me when she gets jealous, ex. Rosalie and the Denali girls.

Then, pretty much the whole end bugs me. Bella decides to not tell Jasper or Alice about the phone call from James and to just go save her mom, or die trying. That annoyed me. If I were Bella, I would have told Jasper and Alice. Let the vampires handle it!! But no, she ran to meet James. I gotta give her props on how she escaped though. Good for her. And then, she tells Edward (via note) not to get revenge on James!! Because she doesn’t want him, or anyone else, to get hurt!! I’ve never understood Bella’s irrational fear that the Cullens can’t take care of themselves. I think a huge, strong clan of vampires could handle James! Which leads me into my next point…..

Eclipse. Eclipse is annoying. See below.

Both fights were too close. Seth was about to lose his, and I had no idea if Edward was winning or losing. They needed help. A distraction. Something to give them an edge.
My hand gripped the stone spike so tightly that a support in the brace snapped.
Was I strong enough? Was I brave enough? How hard could I shove the rough stone into my body? Would this buy Seth enough time to get back on his feet? Would he heal fast enough for my sacrifice to do him any good?
I raked the point of the shard up my arm, yanking my thick sweater back to expose the skin, and then pressed the sharp tip to the crease at my elbow. I already had a long scar there from my last birthday. That night, my flowing blood had been enough to catch every vampire’s attention, to freeze them all in place for an instant. I prayed it would work that way again. I steeled myself and sucked in one deep breath.
Victoria was distracted by the sound of my gasp. Her eyes, holding still for one tiny portion of a second, met mine. Fury and curiosity mingled strangely in her expression.
I wasn’t sure how I heard the low sound with all the other noises echoing off the stone wall and hammering inside my head. My own heartbeat should have been enough to drown it out. But, in the split second that I stared into Victoria’s eyes, I thought I heard a familiar, exasperated sigh.
-Eclipse. U.S. Hardcover. Pg. 550. Chapter 24, Snap Decisions.

That really bugged me too. They can handle themselves, Bella! Edward is a vampire who is very skilled at fighting, and Seth is a werewolf. Sure, he’s young, but he definitely knows more about fighting than Bella. That’s one of those traits that I just don’t understand about Bella. She’s got this weird, irrational fear that these strong creatures will get hurt. I just don’t get it!!

Well I think that’s it. Thanks for reading!! I’ll prolly start the chapter discussions tomorrow. Comment?


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