My Thoughts on the MTV Interview

This video was, no joke, the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a longg time. I was flipping. Out. And it was like midnight so I’m trying really hard not to scream and I end up jumping up and down. The movie looks reallly fantastic.

Rob: Rob looked adorable!!! Ahaha. Like when he was laughing at the end!!

Kellan: I love Kellan a lot. He looks awesome in his outfit and hat. He’s so cute!!!

The Meadow: Is it just me, or are they lying really close to each other? A lot closer than in the book. Bella never even lay down next to him in the book. But I’m excited for this scene. Rob is so gorgeous haha.

The Garage: That scene looks reaaaaalllly cool. All them walking around the garage, being awesome and looking amazing. Peter looked really cool!! I don’t know why, but I’m really excited for that scene. Haha. And I really like Rosalie’s outfit. Very cute!!!!

Alice and Jasper: Jasper had really funny glasses on. But they looked really cute together and they were hilarious at the end. “Oh we would totally kick ass.” “I dont know, they’ve got brooms.” That was awesome. And she’s all curled up in her chair. So Alice like!! Jasper’s hair is still really big, but I like it.


“I cant watch you guys do this, this is insane!”- Bella says this during the car scene. I think this quote is kinda weird. I’m not quite sure what she’s talking about. People have told me that she’s referring to them going after James, but I dont really get it.

“I’ll tear him apart and burn up the pieces.”- You can hear Emmett say this in the background and then I think Jasper says “Yeah.” He just sounds totally cool. Kellan is awesome.

“Emmett’s there to do. He’s the brute force. He’s there to crack jokes and then there to beat someone up.”- Said by Kellan. Awesome. Awesome. That is so true, Kellan. He really is the perfect Emmett. He’s cute and funny and he’ll beat you up!!

“Robert dazzles me.” “It’s all on purpose. I can just decide when to.”- Cutest, funniest moment ever. Gotta love the Bella/Edward there.

“I dont know, they’ve got brooms.”- Hilarious. I laugh out loud at this part ever time I watch the video. Jackson is awesome.

“No fangs allowed. You know. These are beautiful, super sexy vampires. They’re strong enough and powerful enough that they can kill you any way.”- Said by Catherine. She is awesome, man. I feel like she totally understands the books. I’m really glad she’s the director.

“It’s, like, essential growing up story. I mean, it’s about gaining confidence as a human being.”- Rob says this about the similiarities of Harry Potter and Twilight. Gaining confidence as a human? Does he mean Bella? I’m not quite sure what he’s referring to here.

“They’re both fantasies. But they’re different ones… They’re both money makers.”
-Kristen says this about the similiarites of HP and Twilight. So Rob says this super philosophical like thing up above ^ and then Kristen says this totally random, stuttered thing about money. Ok. Good one, Kristen. Yeah, they’re different. We know haha.

Basically I’m loving this interview. And I cant stop watching it. This movie is going to be amazing. Ahhhh!!!!!


~ by Gretchen on April 13, 2008.

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