Important Sites

There are many important Twilight related sites. So, to convenience you lovely, less-tech-savvy-than-I people, I have compiled a list of the best Twilight sites (in my opinion).

Facebook (these are all groups)


Twilighters Facebook Group

Addicted to Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

After Reading Twilight, Human Boys Just Seem Lacking

Bella Illustrations (a twilighter makes these, they’re hillarious)


TwilightSagaThoughts Myspace

Twilighters Myspace

Stephenie’s Myspace

Operation Twilight (Good news in their blogs)

TWILIGHT’S The Official Edward+Bella Fan Club (Good news in their blogs)

Thirst For Twilight (She’s a blogger like me!! Check her out!!!)

Peter Facinelli Official

Twilight Idol (This thing is tons of fun. I’m a finalist!!)

Michael Welch Official

Twilight Layouts

Christian Serratos Official

No More Marbles

Taylor Lautner Official

Kellan Lutz Official (Run by his sis)

Edi Gathegi Official (Fan)

Ashley Greene Official

Nikki Reed Official

Other Sites

Twilight IMDB Page

Twilight Official Movie Page (not much there)

Twitter (Kind of hard to explain. Basically its like facebook status with its own site. btw, facebook and twitter are unaffiliated)

Twilight FanFiction




Stephenie Meyer’s Site

Bella and Edward



Tell me if you think of any sites that are important that aren’t on this list.


3 Responses to “Important Sites”

  1. is the best site out there and it’s not on here…

  2. wtf how did i forget them???? lol, i work there so i really should have remembered them. thanks for pointing that out!!!

  3. Great list! I’m working on a Twilight Vampire Halloween Costume website right now. I’d love to be added if you’d like to take a look.

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