Who Am I?

I know you are all extremely curious on my personage. So here are some basic facts about me.

Name: Gretchen

Age: 15, almost 16

Birthday: April 26th

Favorite Movie: Gaaah. I can never pick one. I always say Twilight haha. Umm, i like The Sure Thing, Sweeney Todd, HPs, Zathura, and a ton of others.

Favorite Book: Its a tie between Eclipse, HP and the Half Blood Prince, Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony, and Young Wizards Series #7 or 8: Wizard’s Holiday or Wizards at War.

Favorite Food: Chicken. I like chicken a lot.

Favorite Junk Food: Chocolate Covered Pretzels. These things are addicting.

Favorite Actor: Robert Pattinson, followed by Jensen Ackles.

Favorite Actress: Umm… Ellen Paige? Maybe. Not sure.

Last Movie Watched: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. About to watch GOF -squee-

Last Book Read: Completed? GossipGirl Prequel. Reading right now? GossipGirl

Last Thing Bought: Umm I bought 3 Hershey’s chocolate with almonds bars and a Starbucks frappuccino 2 days ago.

That’s all the questions I can think of. Comment with more, please!!


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